The worst veterinarians cases registered in France

TBotched surgeries, appalling abuse, errors in the prescribed medication, misdiagnoses, all of these nightmares have happened to real life vets and pet owners. What is so sad about these terrible veterinarian cases is that pets pay the price for the vets’ mistakes. Fortunately for French citizens, veterinary schools in their country tend to be excellent in many aspects and they are considered one of the best in the World. Their graduated vets are some of the best in the veterinarian field. However, they are far from the exception and as we will see further down in the article, some terrible atrocities have been committed to pets by French vets too.There is a legendary misconception that veterinarians (and doctors in general) are the closest things we have to an earthly God, and therefore sometimes we think that they can do no harm and never once be wrong. That, however, is not true and it is advisable to remember it. Vets, doctors, and nurses are human and they make mistakes, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes even on purpose. Negligence is not exempt to anybody, and some people masquerade as professionals when in truth they are horrible human beings that only want to do harm.If we look at the nightmarish stories that happened to some French families that innocently took their beloved pets to the veterinary, entrusting that they would be looked after with care and professionalism, it is easy to forget that we are dealing with supposed professional doctors that have to have our pets’ best interests at hand. No matter how well instructed and prepared they are, veterinarians are humans, not robots, and they are prone to mistakes. In these cases, the educational background that they received cannot help. These so-called mistakes can be small inconveniences, or they sometimes can lead to something major: like causing the demise of your beloved pet. Some even are done on purpose, with the sole intent of hurting creatures that are good by nature and cannot defend themselves as humans can.

Some of the worst veterinarian cases registered in France that we have compiled in this article chill us to the bone. So if you are brave of heart we invite you to continue on reading. Beware, these stories are not for the faint of heart.

The worst veterinarians cases registered in France

Juliette Vaush had taken the family dog, Chienne, a one-year-old Bull Terrier to the vet’s office after her husband, Don, noticed that the dog was limping from one leg. When the Vaush family took little Chienne to the vet, the doctor ran some scans and did some x-rays on him. Upon receiving the results, the vet informed them that he was going to need surgery. Apparently, Chienne was suffering from cancer that started in one of his back paws and was slowly spreading throughout his body. If they did not remove the leg, the cancer was going to consume him completely.It was an obvious decision for the Vaush family: they were going to operate Chienne and hope that the surgery would be enough to ensure his recuperation. Chienne’s vet then operated on him and successfully removed the affected limb from his tiny body. One week after the surgery Chienne appeared to be in a better mood and to slowly be improving. The Vaush family could not be happier. They had their dog back and doing well.However, after a morning stroll to the park not long after Chienne’s surgery, Juliette noticed that their furry friend got agitated and refused to walk further. Juliette did not think much of this, but Chienne’s reluctance to walk continued over the days and worsened as the weeks passed.Finally, Juliette took Chienne to the vet again, but this time to a new one. The new vet took some scans of Chienne and told them Chienne had cancer in one of their legs and that it had spread further on to his abdomen. Juliette was dumbfounded and she told the vet about Chienne’s previous surgery and removal of his affected limb. Upon hearing this, Chienne’s new vet’s face went rigid. It was evident that there had been a terrible mistake. Chienne’s previous vet had indeed operated on the poor dog, intent on removing the affected limb, but had instead mistakenly removed the sane leg! As a consequence, Chienne had one less limb and was still being consumed by carcinogenic cells in his remaining back leg! After that, Chienne had to have surgery again and ended up losing both his back legs. Fortunately for the doggie, after the surgery, his cancer receded and he is now a very happy dog, although he can only walk with the assistance of a wheeled device specially built for him. Chienne’s first vet was accused of malpractice and is now on trial for his negligence. For Veda Toujour the nightmare that her dog suffered at the hands of her so-called veterinarian was something her family could never recover from. It is something pulled right out of a horror movie and it haunts them until this day.

It all began one afternoon like any other at the Toujour’s household in Paris when Monique, their Golden Retriever, began to show signs of some mild discomfort. Veda noticed right away but could not make out the reason behind her dog’s suffering, so she decided to take their Golden Retriever for a vet’s visit.Once the veterinarian checked Monique briefly, Veda was asked to leave Monique in their care for a few hours and return to pick her up later. So, following the professional’s instructions, Veda left to take care of some things she had to do and returned a few hours later, as instructed, in order to pick Monique up. The vet then told Veda that Monique had swallowed a small object (and that he could not pinpoint exactly what) accidentally, but that it was nothing to be worried about and that the dog should expel the item soon enough. Veda could never imagine just exactly what had transpired inside the vet’s office during the hours she had been gone.The morning after the visit to the veterinarian, Monique started exhibiting some severe pains in her abdomen area, so Veda took Monique to see a friend of hers, who was also a veterinarian. At first, it appeared that Monique was suffering from a uterine infection. However, upon a closer examination, Caroline, Veda’s friend and veterinarian, discovered something much worse. Monique had her vulva red and swollen, and she was bleeding from it. Caroline took an x-ray and found a large object stuck inside Monique’s belly. What they discovered was one of the worst cases of animal abuse that have ever struck France.What Monique had stuck inside her tummy was a broom’s handle, which had been used to sexually assault her and had later broken inside of her, causing her a severe infection and external bleeding. Caroline went immediately into action and successfully removed the handle. Thankfully, Monique is now on the road to recovery.After the horrific discovery, both Veda and Caroline proceeded to sue Monique’s offender and he is now facing up to two years in prison for the atrocities committed against Monique. A similar nightmare suffered dog owner Kat Hoffenhaut when she took her dog Pipi to the veterinary for digestive issues. The vet in charge that day instructed Kat to leave Pipi overnight for a thorough examination. Kat was reluctant to leave Pipi alone for the night, but she was basically given no choice in the matter.

The next morning, Kat found that Pipi could not even right himself to greet her. He was exhausted and kind of out-of-it. When Kat confronted the nurses about Pipi’s state, they confessed that they had found him thrashing desperately in his cage. Apparently, Pipi who suffers from epilepsy had had a seizure during the night and since there was no one there to assist him or give him his medication.When Kat had been told by the vet that Pipi needed to spend the night in the clinic for an overnight observation, Kat assumed that there was going to be someone with Pipi to conduct the observation. Instead, Pipi was left alone inside the cage for nearly ten hours, in which he suffered a huge seizure attack that debilitated him severely.When she first walked into the clinic, Kat was accompanied by a walking dog, and when she left the clinic, her dog Pipi had to be carried in her arms because he could not support his own weight.

What is more, the veterinary conducted an exploratory surgery on Pipi for his digestive issues and found carcinogenic tumors inside Pipi’s digestive tracks and intestines. The doctor removed part of the tumors but did not inform Kat of his discovery.Pipi sadly died three months later due to cancer growth that Kat was never alerted of. Even though the test results on Pipi showed that the cancer was prompt to return, the veterinarian failed to warn Kat and the unavoidable result was death for Pipi.Kat paid thousands of euros for the exams and surgery that the vet did on Pipi, even though he only aggravated his condition. After Pipi died, Kat sued the veterinary for the full amount of the bill costs as well as some compensatory money for the pain and sadness Pipi and his family underwent thanks to the negligence showed by his veterinary.Fortunately, Kat won the sue, although nothing will ever truly make up for the suffering that Pipi suffered at the hands of that monster.

What is veterinary malpractice and what can you do if your pet suffers from it?

Veterinary malpractice is basically the same as a medical malpractice conducted on a person, except that in these cases, the victims are animals instead. It is considered malpractice if a veterinarian either harms or kills an animal as a result of negligence or abusive behavior, intentionally or not.If you are under the suspicion that your veterinarian has committed malpractice to your pet, you have some options available that you can consider to take action against the offender. You can send a complaint to the local government or school of veterinary, stating that you wish to have the veterinarian’s license revoked or suspended. This option, sadly, will not probably result to your expectations. There is a lot of protectionism going on in this field, and most likely, your complaint will be disregarded without really looking into it. Thus, you may want to sue the veterinarian in a court of law. This option may be the longest route to take, but it is the most promising one and often the victims win the lawsuits. Veterinarians in France, however good most are, can commit malpractice too. Some may even go as far as to commit animal abuse, as we saw in one of the aforementioned cases. No one is exempt, no matter their educational background.Perhaps, the saddest part about animal abuse and negligence is that is not considered as “severe” as it would be if the same abuse or negligence were to be committed to a human being. Therefore, consequences for these acts are often mild or even looked over and easily disregarded.

No matter the cost, it is important to raise awareness of malpractitioners and do whatever is in our power to have their licenses revoked. Animals have the same rights to be protected and defended as humans do, and we human beings have to be their voices. There are courses of actions that we, as pet owners can take, and as we saw with these horrific cases of animal abuse and negligence, lawsuits can be won. They may not make up for the suffering and damage caused to our beloved pets, but at least they might give us some peace of mind. In some cases, it may even result in the revoke of the malpractitioner’s license or even go as far as to have them do jail time.